225mm (9") single wall

Twin Wall Insulated Flue System - Commercial & Domestic Applications

This chimney system is to be used where you have NO existing chimney - allowing you to put an appliance virtually anywhere.

We have been using this tried and tested Flue System Dinak DW for 10 years now and have selected it for it's ease of installation, quality manufacture and durability.  This HETAS approved Class 1 chimney system is available in 80mm-350mm on the shelf. It is available in Black and Stainless which are also interchangeable.

Suitable for multi-fuel appliances for  wood, solid fuel (coal), oil, gas, diesel, biofuel and pellet.  This flue is also perfect for biomass installations. Designed for condensing (with seal/joint) and dry applications (without joint/seal).  

This twin wall flue system is a simple push fit joint chimney system, build your system by placing each piece on top of the previous and push together to make joint (the simplest system to construct on the market today.  Use both internally and externally).  This system is fully insulated using 30mm condensed Rockwool between the inner and outer wall.  Distance to combustibles is 60mm (therefore, make sure that you keep a distance of 60mm from the outside of the flue to any combustible material e.g. wood, plaster board).  
N.B. This Twin wall flue system can be used in condensing applications.  Please order and fit a seal/joint with each component.

Please note:  Diameter sizes are the internal flue size.

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